General rental rules and conditions


High season: indicated in red color in the calendar published online for the reporting year

Mid-season: indicated in green in the calendar published online for the reporting year

Low season: indicated in black in the calendar published online for the reporting year

Week-End: is applicable only in Low and Mid season and is valid from Friday afternoon to the following Monday morning.

Art. 2 – Rates INCLUDE. : vat, green card for foreign countries, RCA insurance with a fixed deductible of € 1500.00 ; fire, theft with a fixed deductible of € 1500.00 (which is the responsibility of the renter).

Rates DO NOT INCLUDE: gas for utilities, fuel, highway tolls, traffic violations, toilet fluids, linens, dishes, cutlery and cookware, and any damage to the motorhome caused by the renter.

Art. 3 – The ‘use of the rented motor vehicle shall be carried out in such a manner as to remain in any case covered by the insurance stipulated for it, the number of persons carried on it shall not exceed the maximum number indicated in the accompanying registration book. The vehicle must be driven by persons in physical condition in accordance with the traffic regulations of the country in which it is used. The customer shall use the motorhome with diligence in order to protect the safety of the persons transported and the integrity of the property contained therein.

Art. 4 – RESERVATION AND PAYMENT : The charter applicant must pay at the time of booking a confirmatory deposit equal to 30% of the amount for the entire charter, which in the event of its subsequent renunciation will remain acquired by Our Company as a lump sum compensation. The balance must be paid when the vehicle is picked up (together with the security deposit of €1500,00). If the reservation is made less than one week before the departure date, the rental must be paid at the time of the contract.

Any renunciation of the charter by the applicant manifested between the 30th and 18th day will incur a penalty of 30% of the cost of the entire charter in addition to the loss of the deposit if the renunciation is manifested within 15 days. If manifested less than 15 days before the scheduled delivery date, the penalty will be 80% of the total rental amount.

Art. 5 – UNFUL RENTAL PERIODS. : No refund is due in case the customer, for personal reasons, starts late or ends the previously confirmed rental early.

Art. 6 – EXTENSION OF THE RENTAL PERIOD. : Should the customer wish to extend the rental period beyond the stipulated terms, he/she should contact Our Office directly. Possible confirmation of extension will be subject to availability. Any unauthorized delays, nor due to demonstrable force majeure, will be penalized by charging the customer a penalty of €50,00 for each hour of delay.

Art. 7 – SECURITY DEPOSIT.: the payment of this deposit in the amount of €1500,00 is due to cover any damage caused to the vehicle during the rental and to guarantee that it will be returned in good hygienic condition and with the toilet emptied, the black and gray water tanks flushed and the drinking water tank filled. An amount of €150,00 will be withheld as a penalty for the latter failures. The security deposit will be returned within 48 hours of return, after checking the condition of the vehicle. Costs related to tire repair and topping up the fuel tank before delivery of the motorhome are the responsibility of the customer. In the event of an accident, the security deposit will be withheld until liability is established by the ‘insurance company.

Article 8 – LIABILITY. : Our Company assumes no liability for any damage, bodily injury, theft or attempted theft that may be suffered by the occupants of one of Our vehicles, and any items belonging to them. Likewise, Our Company is not responsible for disruptions that may occur in dependence of unintentional delays, mechanical failures, negligence of service employees, etc. It is also not responsible for any increased expenses that may result to the customer due to force majeure delays, forced travel interruptions, illness, natural disasters, strikes, wars, bad weather, etc.

Art. 9 – AGE OF DRIVER. : Driver’s license for at least 2 years, minimum age 21 years and maximum age 80 years.

Art. 10 – MECHANICAL FAILURE. : the customer shall directly provide for the repair involving an expense not exceeding € 50.00. For larger repairs, prior permission must be sought from Our Office. For reimbursement, it is necessary to have a regular invoice issued in Our Society’s name.

Art. 11 – RESPONSIBILITY FOR INFRINGEMENTS TO THE CDS. : The client is personally liable for all fines and fines for traffic violations of any kind occurring during the rental even if notified later. Our Company will notify the Police of the customer who was using the rental on the date of the offense by sending a copy of the rental agreement and a copy of the driver’s license.

Art. 12 – In the event that it is not possible for Our Company, due to force majeure, to provide delivery of the booked vehicle on the scheduled date, no charge or compensation may be claimed.

Art. 13 – The Chartering Company authorizes the hirer to use the vehicle both in Italy and abroad.

Article 14 – During the rental period, the renter’s car may be parked in Our parking lot, without any liability on the part of the Company for any damage or theft.

Art. 15 – The Court of Novara shall have jurisdiction over any dispute relating to this contract, which is governed by Italian Law.

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