The motorhome is a vehicle that was born to be outdoors, and even when not in use, not everyone has the ability to shelter it in an enclosed structure.

All RVs are built to last, but, of course, adverse weather conditions at certain times of the year, or small accidents that can happen while using the RV, can ruin or wear out our vehicle.

No problem!!!

And it’s all fixable, just rely on professionals like us to return your trusty travel companion to its former glory.

Cell accommodations

  • Fiberglass regeneration
  • Reconstruction of abs strips
  • Fixing shower trays and sinks
  • Accommodation of hail damage

Outdoor accommodation

  • Bodywork arrangement
  • Rim renewal
  • Headlight renewal
  • Hail damage accommodation


  • Fiberglass polishing
  • Polishing aluminum and laminates
  • Polishing windows and polycarbonate
  • Abs polishing

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